NEW "Cold Cuts" Available to Buy

fi douglas

Sunday, May 10, 2015

So in the last couple of featured "Friday Furrow" blog posts, I've been talking about how I created a new linocut design and went through the transfer, carve and print processes... and now I'm here to tell my clamouring audience that the Duck has joined the Cold Cut Crew (just made that up) and they are now available to buy from my Etsy Shop! Horrah!

They're printed onto Japanese paper, mounted on  "6 x "6 recycled card, individually signed and dated and protected with cellaphane wrapper. 

The range of Cuts we have available in the deli buffet for your delectation are:

1. Pork. Dressed.

2. Beef. Cheeky. Maybe a bit alchohic.

3. Lamb. Cold.

4. Chicken. with sophisticated dressing

5. Duck. with fruity topping.

Thank you for looking