LadyCuts: Ooo that Flora!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Now then.  Flora is from way back.  A gymnast with a pierced clitoris.

You don't get this type of model very often.  I remember she was very strong, flexible and could hold impressive poses for ages!  We were all slightly gob-smacked by her... 

Anyway, every now and again you do a sketch that is just right - the pose is great (not life-classy) and I captured it with just a few well placed gestures; the proportions are right and even the clash splash of colour works (in MY head anyway).  This one was a 20 minute pose so I couldn't have developed it at the time and I couldn't really use it for a painting later on as there wasn't enough information in it.  So it was just a sketch that I liked.  For years.  

And then came my linocuttycut phase... and the possibility to use my favourite sketch constructively for something new.  Horrah! Ahem.  Anyway,  I slightly skewed the angle and added some interest in the blanket area with some swirls that merge into the hair.. not sure i'm completely happy with the the fan but I needed round off the design.

And I haven't finished with her yet - there's another larger piece in the offing so I reckon after all this time I'll finally get my money's worth out of that class.  She's the girl! :) 

So.. top tip:

Keep your sketches - you never know when inspiration will finally hit!