Friday Furrow 6: Presentation Presentation Presentation!

Fi Douglas

Friday, May 22, 2015

So I was looking over my work: assessing each of the ladies with fresh eyes.  And I had to admit that despite the amount of time I've spent  developing the designs there was a few aspects of each that didn't feel right.. But after a lot of soul searching (well I pondered it for a while) I realised that I just needed to shake them up a bit.

The success of a composition depends on how you frame it.  I guess you should do a proper plan and  arrange a design inside the frame by following the basic rules of composition (its all about the thirds apparently).  But maybe you can still re-arrange the frame around the work after you've finished. 

For instance, in the cover pic for this post, the original Nancy cut on the right was one I like but but lacked something I couldn't put my finger on.. so I set about improving and tweaking the design, added colour etc. which was all good but the breakthrough came when I created a rough mock-up of a new frame around her: Bringing it in close to her suddenly made her pop.

Well I think so..

Any other comments, advice or constructive criticism is always welcome!

Thanks for reading