Friday Furrow 3: NEW "Cold Cuts" Collection Part1 - Design and Transfer


Friday, May 01, 2015

So my "Lady Cuts" collection has been out there for a while and quite frankly, much as I love the dears.. I need a new focus..

A more simple, maybe "whimsical" set of designs.. something I can do whilst still promoting the ladies as much as I can..

And so I introduce "Cold Cuts".  They will be a set of indeed whimsical (great word) characters presented in a format that can be given as a gift or framed for your own indulgence.. Well this is my thinking - I haven't actually done much towards this end.

But I thought I'd take the opportunity to show how I take the idea and transform it to the paper. This week I start with the Design..

  • The concept is: A set of animals... of the type that can be err.. eaten.  Hence "Cold cuts".  My God thats a grim sort of concept.  Oh well I'll put hats on them or something and make them look quirky.. It'll be fine.  So Pork, Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Duck and Goose it is then. Yum.

  • So start sketching out some designs.  I have a few sketches of some ducks that I found when out walking one time, so I start with those and get something going on the IPad.

  • The finished designs are then printed out.  Which is easier said than done.. The size of the print out is important as the finished product will be be 6" x 6".  This is the size of the rather nice card they'll be mounted on.

  • The print out is then fixed fast to a piece of lino.  A sheet of Saral Transfer Paper sandwiched between it and the lino (this is the pink looking paper in the blog pic)

  • Just draw around the image.  The transfer paper will indeed transfer your scribblings onto the lino.  In Red.

  • The red bits indicate the parts you DO NOT CUT OUT.  This may seem obvious now.. I'll explain more in next weeks "Cold Cuts: The difficult Second Part: Actual Cutting".

Write me something in the comments section if you have any queries - that would be novel!